Scholars Annual Excellence Award Ceremony 2016

SAS Society organized its Annual Excellence Award Ceremony on 08.10.2016. SAS Society Awarded the outstanding contributor in the society for different categories with momento, cash award of Rs. 5000 and a certificate. SAS Society Awraded Mr. Ajit Hajong in the discipline of deference due to his excellence in the field, who fought during Kargil War and also was a member regiment with Dr. A. P. Abdul Kalam, in agriculture awarded Mr. Nurul Hoque for his oustadning contribution with unique idea of modern nursery and producing employment for youths in the society, in sports awarded veteran football player Mr. Kutub Uddin who had got fractured of leg in district level of match, in culture, Mr. Misbah Uddin who with his kind hearted found in every programme and function in the society, In Religion, awarded Moulana Kapil Uddin Qasimi Sahab for contriubution in religious services, in social service awarded Oliur Rahman, and in education awarded Mr. Matin Laskar for his life time sacrification for education in upliftment of society.

Moreover, SAS Society awarded with life time achivement award to Moulana Abdul Jalil Ragibi Sahab for education and literature and Khadim Moyob Ali for his devoted life long service without any profit for Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqa Madrasatul Bannat.

In this Programme, SAS Society facilited Dr. Habibur Rahman for getting Ph.D in Pharmacetucial Sciences, Dr. Al-Kafil Choudhury in Literature and Dr. Dilsad Ahmed in Physical Education and made our society proud.

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