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SASJS 4(3)

Volume-4: Issue-3 (Mar, 2018)

Demographic Factors and Clinic pathological Findings in Patients with Non-Traumatic Perforation of Gastrointestinal (GI) Tract:  A Study from Rural Area of Chhattisgarh
Dr. Anil Kushwaha, Dr. Shobhita K Mane
SAS Journal of Surgery, 2018; 4(3): 52-58. (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sasjs.2018.4.3.1

An Overview of the Process of Building and Validating Predictive Models
Mohammed Ali Kazem
SAS Journal of Surgery, 2018; 4(3): 59-64. (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sasjs.2018.4.3.2