SASJS 2(2)

SASJS Volume-2: Issue-2 (Mar-Apr, 2016)
The effect of RLN identification technique on post-thyroidectomy initial hypocalcaemia and the role of peri-operative PTH measurement as a predictor
Mahmoud Mohammed Mahmoud, Mohamed El Makki Ahmed, A. M. Allata, Ameer Adil Ameer Taha
SAS Journal of Surgery, 2016; 2(2): 60-67. (Download PDF)
Spontaneous bilateral femoral neck fractures after uremic convulsion: a case report
Gajanan Chintawar, Sohael M Khan, Anubhav Sharma, Sanjay Deshpande, Rohit Bhandari, Varun Shah, Pradeep K Singh
SAS Journal of Surgery, 2016; 2(2): 68-70. (Download PDF)
Study of clinical features, management and prognostic factors in peritonitis in adults at BTGH, Gulbarga
Dr. VS Kappikeri, Dr Anil Babu Jagarlamudi
SAS Journal of Surgery, 2016; 2(2): 71-83. (Download PDF)