Medical Sciences

Scholars Journal of Applied Medical Sciences ISSN 2320-6691(Online) ISSN 2347-954X(Print); Monthly (From-Aug, 2015)

Scholars Journal of Medical Case Reports  ISSN: 2347-6559 (Online) ISSN 2347-9507 (Print); Monthly

Scholars Journal of Dental Sciences , ISSN: 2394-4951 (Print) & ISSN 2394-496X (Online); Monthly,(From-Aug, 2015)

SAS Journal of Medicine  ISSN 2454-5112

SAS Journal of Surgery ISSN 2454-5104

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Scholars Academic Journal of Pharmacy  ISSN :2320-4206(Online) ISSN 2347-9531(Print), Monthly (From, Aug, 2015)

Biological Sciences

Scholars Academic Journal of Biosciences ISSN 2321-6883 (Online) ISSN 2347-9515(Print), Monthly

Engineering and Technology

Scholars Journal of Engineering and Technology ISSN 2321-435X (Online) ISSN 2347-9523(Print),Monthly (From, Aug, 2015)

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Scholars Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences  ISSN: 2347-5374(Online) ISSN 2347-9493(Print) , Monthly (From, Aug, 2015)

Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences

Scholars Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences  ISSN: 2348-1854(Online) & ISSN 2348-8883(Print), Bi-Monthly (From, Aug, 2015)

Economics, Business and Management

Scholars Journal of Economics, Business and Management  ISSN 2348-5302 (Online) & ISSN 2348-8875 (Print) , Monthly

Physics, Mathematics and Statistics

Scholars Journal of Physics, Mathematics and Statistics ISSN: 2393-8056 (Print)  & 2393-8064(Online), Quarterly

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