Fellowship and other Professional Membership to Society

Scholars Academic and Scientific Society (SAS Society) welcomes academicians, professionals, scholars, researchers, students, institutes and other academic organization to be part and member of our society. To bring all the academicians, scholars, researchers and students under the shadow of SAS Society, we have started to provide professional membership in our Society with very nominal fees. By becoming membership one will receive membership certificate, membership qualification and greater advantage of waiver with publication fees in our journals and books. This type of membership gives us feeling of belongingness to the same family, sense of same community, producing network among same professionals and will beneficial for professional advancement.


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Fellow of the Scholars Academic and Scientific Society(FSASS)

List of Fellow Members

Life Member of the Scholars Academic and Scientific Society (LMSASS)

List of Life Members

Associate Life Member of the Scholars Academic and Scientific Society (ALMSASS)

List of Associate Life Members

Regular Member of the Scholars Academic and Scientific Society (RMSASS)

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Student Membership

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Institutional Membership

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Membership Benefits

  • Professional Benefit: One can use Scholars Academic and Scientific Society Membership Certificate, Membership Qualification as Membership icon in resume for professional advancement and academic advancement of profile and to promote your professionalism.

  • Publications Benefits: All members will receive publication benefits of 50 % waiver of processing fees in our all the Journals.

  • Conference Benefits: All the members will enjoy discount of 50 % for all the conferences registration fees conducted by Scholars Academic and Scientific Society.

  • Editor in Journals: Depending on the qualification and subject specialization, our members will get advantage to join as editor or editorial board member in our various existing journals and in upcoming journals.

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