Recent Awardee-Scholars Literary Awards 2018

SAS Lifetime Literary Achievement Award 2018
Dr. Saradananda Debgoswami
SAS Poet Award 2018
Devoraj Mili
SAS Novelist Award 2018
Dulal Raja
SAS Columnist Award 2018
Ziaur Rahman
SAS Story Writer Award 2018
Sidhartha Sankar Bezbarua
SAS Literary Translator Award 2018
Dr. Hasinus Sultan
SAS Emerging Writer Award 2018
Tulika Devi

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Invitation for Nomination: SAS Academic and Research Awards

Scholars Best Researcher Award 2018

(One in each Discipline)

Medical Sciences

Basic Sciences

Arts and Humanities

Engineering and Technology

Agricultural Science

Business and Management

Veterinary Sciences

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Linguistics,  Literature and Poetry

Dentistry,  Nursing or other applied medical sciences

Scholars Life Time Achievement Award 2018

Scholars Young Researcher Award 2018

Scholars Best Academician Award 2018

Scholars Best Paper  Award 2018

Scholars Best Editor Award 2018

Scholars Innovation Award 2018

Scholars Best Institution Award 2018

Scholars Highest Publication Award 2018

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Last Date of Apply: 15-12-2018

Declaration: 30-12-2018



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